What is the lifestyle? What it says about you

The lifestyle is the set of attitudes and behaviors that people adopt and develop individually or collectively to meet their needs as human beings and achieve their personal development.

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What is lifestyle

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) defined in 1986 the lifestyle as

” A general way of life based on the interaction between living conditions in a broad sense and individual behavior patterns determined by sociocultural factors and personal characteristics “.

The lifestyle we take has an impact on health both physical and mental. A healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on health. It includes habits such as the usual practice of exercise, adequate and healthy eating, the enjoyment of free time, socialization activities, maintaining high self-esteem, etc.

An unhealthy lifestyle is the cause of numerous diseases such as obesity or stress. It includes habits such as the consumption of toxic substances (alcohol, drugs), smoking, sedentary lifestyle, haste, exposure to pollutants, etc.

Keep in mind that throughout your life, you can have different lifestyles. Some healthier than others. Lifestyle depends on you and your attitude towards your daily habits.

Find out your fitness to start taking care of yourself

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Improve food for a healthy lifestyle

You are at home, in the office, at work, in the car, etc. turning your head to see what you do to change some aspect of your life that, for now, you do not like how you carry it (diet, stress, relationship with your children, exercise, eating habits, free time, etc.) and you are searching the Internet for guidelines for a healthier life.

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Here are some easy tips that will help you achieve a healthier life for both you and those around you. These healthy habits that we propose are to prevent physical and psychological illnesses. By preventing we are living a healthy life since we will go to the doctor less, we will take less medicine and we will be stronger to face the day to day.

The first lifestyle change (perhaps the most important) we should make is a review of our pantry and kitchen . The products that it is not advisable to keep in the pantry for this new change we want to make are refined sugar (white sugar), refined flours, pre-cooked products, fried snacks, light products and goodies (chewing gum, candy, jelly beans , etc.).

Changing lifestyle demands an easy but drastic change at the same time, but if you want to make a change you have to do it once and for all and pass that comfort zone in which we were stuck and from which we want to leave but we did not know how . Once we have detected all these products we must replace them with integral products (rice, flour, pasta).

 The sugars can always be for honey or integral cane sugars always and, if possible, even better if they are organic (this already depends on the pocket of each one, what stores or products we have near the area, etc. ).

 You always have to have fresh products at home such as fruits, vegetables, vegetables, tubers, eggs, meat, fish, cheese, etc. It is essential to have both dried and cooked legumes in the pantry (lentils, beans, chickpeas, peas, etc.).

 Have fish dishes very rich in vitamins and minerals. Small fish is much more advisable than large fish such as salmon, tuna, hake, etc. Canned or canned vegetables (cooked artichokes, spinach, peppers, green beans, etc.) are very helpful while useful for people who do not have time or do not like to cook and in a plas plis can be made rich and Healthy dishes

 Finally the frozen ones.  Run away from frozen precooked food. We talk about frozen meat, fish or vegetables, easy to always have at home. You can take them out in the morning to cook them when we have time.

For all these people who say they don’t have time there are two things, very, very easy to save time, money and have these healthy changes. These two things are: make a monthly or weekly menu  and so the shopping list will be done accordingly. It seems silly but in the end you know what you are going to eat, you can see how many times a week you eat legumes, or eggs, etc. and how many you do not eat anything. You organize yourself, you take time to think about your meals and in the end they are all advantages.

 The nuts  They are another product that we must have in our kitchen. They must be natural or baked, better than fried by saturated fats. They are a very good complement to healthy diets because they give us fat, satiety and vitamins (if you want to lose weight, nuts should be eaten in small quantities since they are satiating). In this section you can also include dehydrated fruits (raisins, plums, dried apricots provided they have not added sugar). They are a rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals as well as a rich “chuche” for you and your children. Maybe the first time they do not like it, but they are sweet and rich, things have not always come out at first, be constant and little by little we will change our palate and our tastes.

 As for rice, potatoes and tubers ( carbohydrates ), as we have mentioned above, they must be integral and for those people who have problems with heavy digestions, avoid them being wheat (there are already many brands on the market that They offer corn pasta, rice pasta, quinoa, etc). Now, pasta, which is another type of carbohydrate even if it is integral, must be eaten very occasionally, once or twice a month, always complemented with vegetables and salads.

 As for salads, they make us chew, take fresh products, source of vitamins and fiber and have a satiating effect on meals. Salads can be a complete dish since we can put avocado, seeds such as sunflower seeds, squash, nuts, all kinds of vegetables and even fruits (apple, orange, grapes) cooked chicken, cooked prawns, hard boiled eggs, cheese etc. . They are an indispensable dish in all meals. Better at lunchtime since they have a lot of liquid and if they are taken at night they will have to get up to go to the bathroom (that is already left to the consumer’s choice).

 Eggs. This rich product has taken the palm in prizes to the winner in cholesterol, but it is not like that. The egg is a fresh product, full of vitamins, high in protein and has a satiating effect. Why do people ask how many eggs they can eat a day, worried about their cholesterol and do not wonder if they eat too many sugary cookies or how many chocolates or sweets they eat a day or if they eat too many cereals? The reality is that it is worse to eat sugary cookies every day than to eat an egg a day. Eggs, better if they are organic and field chickens. It all depends on everyone’s pocket, but remember, we are making our food a source of health. The eggs can be eaten cooked, in tortilla, on the plate, fried (this one you know if what you want is to lose weight, better in tortilla or to the plate). The egg is an ally at breakfast, better a good tortilla with tuna or vegetables or whatever you like than cookies or cereals. It is a good start to the day.

 We have dairy products left . Arggg, the million dollar question: dairy yes or dairy no? Dairy products are one of the most indigestible products. There is no being alive that after breastfeeding continue drinking milk. There are many varieties of milk: fresh milk, vegetable drinks and in different presentations. Yogurts, butters and cheeses better than raw milk and being able to be organic or goat’s milk are more digestive. If you are one of those that milk suits you well then take it whole.

Before we have talked about breakfast, from now on it is time to eat a lot of rich breakfast with lots of fiber, minerals and vitamins that will make you not go hungry all morning. Prepare a plate combined with fruit, egg omelette, scrambled eggs, hard boiled egg, some dried fruit such as nuts, some tuna, oat pancakes or some toast. Set aside cookies and cereals. You can also make your biscuits. This way you will know what they carry (natural products, less sugar than those bought in the supermarket, natural oils and not saturated fats and you can even make them with vegetable milk and not cow’s milk). If you educate your children’s palate and teach them to eat healthy they will thank you too.

What foods and in what proportion you should eat

We have already seen that we should buy fresh and possibly unprocessed food for a healthy diet. The next issue is its distribution in our daily diet: experts advise 50% of fruits and vegetables and the rest of that 50% among proteins (meats, fish and legumes), healthy fats (nuts, avocados and olive oil) , eggs and healthy carbohydrates (brown rice, potatoes, yucas, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, etc).

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Physical activity for a healthy lifestyle

Changing to a healthy lifestyle is changing habits and habits are not only food but daily physical activity has a crucial role. Start choosing up and down stairs instead of using the elevator. Try to go to work on foot or by bicycle, dedicating the journey to walk and think relaxed about what you need at that time. If you can, leave the car parked. Your pocket and your body will thank you.

Another type of physical activity is those that require activity instead of a passive attitude such as sitting down to watch TV or the Internet. Making crafts, reading, painting, listening to music, doing things that we like and relax is desirable.

Socializing is also very important for inner peace. Going out with friends, taking time to take care of ourselves inside and out, feeding our spirit with things that make us happy, sharing time with children and with people who bring us happiness and are not toxic, will make our mental life and Physics improve.

It has always been said mens sana in corpore sano , well come on, let’s put it into practice. The reality is that we don’t have all the time in the world and we have many things to do between work, food, children, etc. A change of habits is not made in a single day. But we can always take a while, half an hour a day to do something that relaxes us and we like it. Little by little, there will be that bliss of happiness, of doing something we like to do for ourselves, for our psychic good, something that will help us relax and complement this new healthy life. Try to do what you have said so many times that you would do, but you do not dare. Try new things. Maybe you like them more than you think and it makes you leave your comfort zone. Renewed or die.