What are the most practiced sports in Brazil?

Everyone knows that the practice of sports is fundamental for anyone aiming at good health. In addition to improving physical fitness and quality of life, sport develops in the practitioner the emancipation of feelings, beliefs and values. In addition, team sport also contributes to the individual’s citizen education, since he learns to work with and respect others. Do you do any kind of sport? Do you know which modalities are most practiced in Brazil? See some of them:


Football, invented in England, is not only the sport most practiced by Brazilians, but also by people from all over the planet. The World Cup, Euro Cup and Champions League are, respectively, the most watched sporting events. In other words, the three events that bring people together in front of television are related to football. In Brazil, it is estimated that just over 30 million people practice the sport, placing the sport in the leadership of popularity. Worldwide, the number reaches 265 million people. In fact, football is a national and global fever!


Sport that started in the United States (USA), volleyball occupies the second position of the most practiced sports by Brazilians, with approximately 15 million fans. Meanwhile, around the world, this ancient sport – dating from 1895 – has around 50 million people who practice it.

Table tennis

Taking the third position on our list, Table Tennis is widely practiced among Brazilians, especially those of Asian origin, who show great presence in this sport. In all, 12 million people in Brazil practice the sport, which is increasingly gaining popularity among people. In the world, this number more than triples, reaching the mark of 40 million. Let’s face it, in fact, it’s a lot of people!


The practice of this sport gives enviable physical conditioning to its practitioners. With 11 million people, swimming owes part of its popularity as it is necessary for other sports, such as surfing, canoeing and diving. In addition to sport, knowing how to swim is essential in some professions, such as firefighters, fishermen, sailors and lifeguards.


Less popular than football, but still with a good number of practitioners, futsal in Brazil has more than 10 million fans, ranking fifth in the sports most performed by Brazilians. However, its popularity in the rest of the world is not the best, being played only in South America, and with 1 million fans outside Brazil.


Created by slaves, capoeira took over the Brazilian heart and, in 2014, became a cultural heritage of humanity recognized by UNESCO. Even as a curiosity, the sport was already present even in a fight movie where the acclaimed actor Van Damme was the protagonist. Its practice is currently very popular in Brazil and worldwide, with 6 and 8 million practitioners respectively.


Created by surfers in the absence of good waves at sea, Skate has become very popular since its emergence, in 1918, when a boy took the wheels off a roller skate and fixed them on a wood. However, it was only in 1959 that the first skateboard was marketed in series. Currently, in Brazil, we have more than 2.7 million people who enjoy the practice.


With Brazil having a great abundance of water in its majestic seas, the entire Brazilian coast is very suitable for surfing. Many countries do not have a territory as favorable to sport as Brazil. Thus, more than 2.4 million people in the country venture into this modality. However, the sport is also very popular in Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, France, Ireland, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Indonesia and South Africa, totaling between 10 and 20 million practitioners worldwide.

Now that you have had the opportunity to know a little more about some sports, know that Santa Mônica Clube de Campo – not only supports – but also encourages everyone to practice physical activities. For this, the club has sports incentive projects that always bring satisfactory results to its athletes. Of the eight modalities mentioned in the post, members can practice six of them at Santa Monica.

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