Top 10 Best Destinations in Brazil – Places to Travel

What are the best destinations in Brazil ? To identify the most popular places to travel among Brazilians, and also to present some travel tips for those who are researching a next destination, we have put together this list with some directions for your next trips.


But how do we get to these destinations?

Our list is also based on others published by the market, such as Travelers’ Choice, published on the TripAdvisor website  , the Best of Travel and Tourism award , the choices of the jury gathered by Folha de São Paulo or the survey of dream destinations carried out by IBOPE for Skyscanner .

But our list is also based on our readers’ preferences. What were the most accessed destinations in Brazil here on the blog? What are the most popular places to travel on the internet? On Instagram at @viagenscine we also did some surveys to identify which places are preferred by our followers.


Do you know all these destinations?

It is a tip of these incredible places, some classics of Brazilian tourism, while others have grown more and more in the preference of travelers.

And be sure to comment at the end of this post on your preference among the best destinations in Brazil.

Top 10 Best Destinations in Brazil – Places to Travel

Check out these must-see travel tips in Brazil

Also watch our video on YouTube  with this list of amazing destinations.




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10 – Route of Emotions and Lençóis Maranhenses, Maranhão

10 Best Destinations in Brazil for 2019 - Travel Tips The lagoons and dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses form one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil

In 2018, we organized a tour through three Brazilian states : Maranhão, Piauí and Ceará. This route is called the Route of Emotions and was designed by Sebrae to encourage tourism in the region.

But where does this journey begin?

The name couldn’t be more suitable. Many people recommend that the best way to do the Route of Emotions is to start in Jericoacoara (Ceará), then pass through the Delta do Parnaíba (Piauí) and end in Lençóis Maranhenses. In this way, the emotions of the script tend to gradually increase.

What you need to know to do the Route

  • Several tourist agencies have specialized in the Route of Emotions and their support is essential to visit less accessible destinations in the itinerary.
  • We travel on our own and I confess that we found it difficult to get around the tourist spots on the route.
  • Visiting the dunes and lagoons of Lençóis Maranhenses is a spectacle of nature. It is one of the most cinematic and touching experiences that a tourist can live in Brazil.
  • To explore this paradise well, book at least 4 days .
  • But if you want to get to know the region well, 7 days are ideal for choosing different bases in the National Park . We stayed in 3 bases: Atins, Barreirinhas and Santo Amaro do Maranhão.

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  • Positive Points:  It is a unique place in Brazil and in the world, that every Brazilian needs to know. The crystalline dunes and lagoons formed by rainwater have already become the scene of some national and international films. The Route of Emotions still conciliates other nearby and equally unmissable destinations.
  • NEGATIVE POINTS: The difficulty of access to some places is a hindrance, but travelers looking for more convenience can opt for Barreirinhas, super easy to reach.

Travel tips

  • How to get there: From São Luís (from the airport or hotels in the city), it is possible to find several companies that make the transfer to the base cities. We use and recommend the services of  GI Conect , a company that works with transfers and tours in Lençóis Maranhenses.
  • Where to Stay: Barreirinhas is the city with the best infrastructure, with a wide range of restaurants, tours and accommodation (we recommend Pousada Vilas Boas , right in the center). But the experience in Lençóis Maranhenses can be even more authentic and profound if you choose to stay in Atins or Santo Amaro do Maranhão  (we recommend  Pousada Água Doce ).

But when are we going to find the ponds full?

  • Best Season:  June, July and September. It is important to visit the region when the lagoons are full, after the rainy season, which happens in the first semester. From September, the lagoons begin to empty. The place with the most perennial lagoons is Santo Amaro do Maranhão.
  • Quanto Dias:  For those who want to know Lençóis Maranhenses completely, 7 days is the ideal time to explore the region. Divide the base between Barreirinhas, Atins and Santo Amaro do Maranhão (2 nights each). If you have less time, choose only one of these places and go for round trips. For the Route of Emotions, the ideal is 14 days, but the agencies offer itineraries starting from 4 days.
  • How much it costs: R $ 300.00 / day per person. With good hostel prices, Lençóis Maranhenses is not an expensive destination. In addition to accommodation and meals, consider that each tour costs an average of R $ 80.00. If you want to get around the base cities, transfers are not very cheap and public transport options are precarious.

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9 – Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte

10 Best Destinations in Brazil for 2019 - Travel Tips The view from the top of Chapadão to Praia do Amor, in Praia da Pipa, is one of the postcards of Rio Grande do Norte

In 2018, the coast of Rio Grande do Norte took the lead among the most accessed posts in Viagens Cine.

We visited the state in February 2018 and put together a travel itinerary based in Natal, Pipa and São Miguel do Gostoso.

What you need to know before you travel

  • Although Natal is a great base for exploring the coast of the state, our tip is to stay at Pipa Beach .
  • For us, choosing a good travel destination depends on criteria such as infrastructure, tours, accommodation, nightlife and, how to leave out, the natural beauty. Pipa, which is part of the municipality of Tibaú do Sul , is charming and has excellence in all these factors.

Is it worth it?

  • Among the tours, some of the best beaches in Brazil are there, such as Praia do Amor, Praia do Madeiro and Baía dos Golfinhos (fifth place in the ranking of the best beaches on the TripAdvisor site).
  • The quad bike ride or Camaro Amarelo is an excellent option, and follows the coast to Barra de Cunhaú , already in the municipality of Canguaretama.
  • The sunset at Lagoa de Guaraíras is the perfect end of the day in the region.

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  • Positives: The coast of Rio Grande do Norte is cinematic, with cliffs and the sea of ​​intense colors. Access to the beaches is very easy and the infrastructure is great.
  • Negative Points:  Getting around by car through the village of Pipa is a bit tricky, especially on Avenida dos Golfinhos, where the nightlife is concentrated.

Travel tips

  • Getting there: There are transfer options from Natal Airport. We rented a car, which also allowed us to make some stops on the Rota do Sol, a road that runs along the south coast of Rio Grande do Norte.
  • Where to Stay: We recommend the Bupitanga Hotel , facing Chapadão de Pipa. One of the best beach hotels we’ve ever visited, including a private pool in some of the accommodations.

Don’t you want to get rain? Go in the best months

  • Best Season:  January, February, September, October, November and December are great months. It is hot all year round, but April to July are the wettest months.
  • Quanto Dias: In 4 days it is possible to explore Pipa Beach and its surroundings. If you have 7 days, divide the accommodation by staying a few days in Natal and others in Pipa.
  • How much it costs:  R $ 300.00 / day per person. As the offer of lodging and restaurants is large, there are options for all budgets. Most beach huts charge minimal consumption, stay tuned.

Watch the video about Praia da Pipa on our YouTube channel

8 – Morro de São Paulo, Bahia

10 Best Destinations in Brazil for 2019 - Travel Tips Tinharé Island, where Morro de São Paulo is located, one of the best destinations in Bahia

What do you need to know

  • Access is not easy and there are no cars .
  • Everything is done on foot or by boat trips (a few tours circulate around the island by truck).
  • Morro de São Paulo is like this, a destination for those who want to rest from their cars and feel the sand on their feet.
  • The simplicity reigns in place and the beaches are calls from First Beach, Second Beach, Third Beach. The Fourth Beach is the most beautiful of them, where the sea gains shades of turquoise blue worthy of the Caribbean.
  • But the best view of Morro de São Paulo is from above. Climbing at Mirante da Tirolesa ensures a cinematic look for the island’s beaches. The brave people risk the descent of zip lines.

Nearby, there is Ilha de Boipeba , a must-see for Morro de São Paulo. While Morro is active, Boipeba is quiet and natural pools, as in Moreré.

Another must-see tour is to the natural pools of Garapuá .

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  • Positives: The island’s isolation, combined with an excellent infrastructure of inns and restaurants, guarantees a perfect trip to disconnect from day to day.
  • Negative Points: To get there you have to face a long transfer by boat in the open sea. The trip gets really sick. Alternatively, there is a land transfer, which takes much longer.

Travel tips

Did you know that access is only by boat?

  • How to get there:  Access is only by boat, either through Salvador (via the open sea, better to take medicine before boarding) or through Valencia (sea and land transfer).
  • Where to Stay:  There are numerous options on the island. The First and Second Beach are the busiest places, while the Third and Fourth Beach are ideal for those who prefer peace and quiet on the sand. For those who want to save money, hostels are the best alternatives, including options for private rooms. This is the case of Che Lagarto Hostel Morro de São Paulo (on Rua da Fonte Grande, close to the Church) and Faroca Loca Boutique Hostel (furthest from the center). Other bed and breakfast options close to the beaches are Pousada Dona Moça (Primeira Praia), Pousada Bahia Bella (Segunda Praia) and Pousada Fazenda Caieira (with a beautiful swimming pool facing Terceira Praia).
  • Best Season: Summer is a guarantee of good weather and no rain. In the second semester, starting in August, it is calmer and the rainy season has passed.
  • Regarding Days: in 4 days you can enjoy the island well. Those who have 7 days should put together a script with Morro de SP and Boipeba, two neighboring destinations that super combine.
  • How much it costs: R $ 300.00 / day per person. Due to the great offer of accommodation, it is a cheaper destination. The beaches are easily accessible and for those who want to save money, you can skip the trips to Garapuá and Boipeba.

Watch the video about Morro de São Paulo on our YouTube channel

7 – Chapada dos Veadeiros

10 Best Destinations in Brazil for 2019 - Travel Tips Get ready to visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls you have ever seen, in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Get ready to visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Brazil.

Chapada dos Veadeiros is another destination that we have already visited and revisited, and we always love to return. It is one of the favorite places for travel by those who enjoy ecotourism and contact with nature.

What you need to know before you travel

  • One of the reasons for always returning to Chapada dos Veadeiros is that the National Park has three possible bases , which allow different experiences at the destination.
  • The most famous is the esoteric city of Alto Paraíso de Goiás.
  • São Jorge and Cavalcante are also other destinations dear to those who already know the place well. São Jorge is ideal for those who travel without a car and Cavalcante for those who visit Chapada dos Veadeiros for the second time and want to know less famous waterfalls.

What are the best waterfalls?

  • Among the highlights, the Cachoeira de Santa Bárbara usually pushes on social networks due to the turquoise blue color of its waters.
  • There are many other beautiful waterfalls , such as Almécegas, Catarata dos Couros and the Macaquinhos complex.

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  • Positives:  as the access to most waterfalls is not so easy (the trails are necessary), the destination still has preserved attractions. The stripped-down climate of the place brings an audience passionate about ecotourism.
  • Negative points:  the difficulty of access can be an impediment. Many people prefer Pirenópolis (also in the State of Goiás) precisely because of the ease of reaching the waterfalls.

Travel tips

  • Getting there:  Despite easy access via public transport, driving is the best option. Chapada dos Veadeiros requires its own vehicle to travel to the waterfalls, which are distant from each other. On site you can find guide services, but most of them do not have a car or charge much more to take tourists who travel without a car.

Where is it better to stay in Chapada?

  • Where to Stay: Alto Paraíso is the most structured option with the best prices. São Jorge is more rustic and usually charges more for accommodation. Cavalcante is also an option, which is closer to the Santa Bárbara waterfall.
  • Best Season: June, July, August and September. In the summer, it can rain a lot and the volume of the waterfalls is high. Some falls are closed for bathing, for safety reasons. From May to September is the dry season, and therefore, when the region becomes more accessible and inviting.
  • Quanto Dias: 7 days is the ideal time to explore the region. You can divide your accommodation between Alto Paraíso, Cavalcante or São Jorge (for 7 days, we recommend choosing only two bases).
  • How much it costs: R $ 250.00 / day per person. Most tours can be done without a guide, but you must go with your own car. Accommodation and food have very varied prices.

Watch the video about Chapada dos Veadeiros on our YouTube channel

6 – Gramado, Serra Gaúcha

10 Best Destinations in Brazil for 2019 - Travel Tips Also known as Brazilian Switzerland, Gramado has the best of some European destinations

Many people who travel to Gramado feel a little bit in Europe .

Nor are we talking only about the influence of German architecture or Italian cuisine , which predominate in the city. The way Gramado has prepared itself for tourism and how it receives visitors is worthy of the best destinations in Europe.

Because of this, Gramado almost always appears at the top of the best destinations in Brazil. It was already in first place in 2015 on TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice, but ended up losing a position from 2016. In 2018, it is maintained in the second position. In the Travel and Tourism award, it was considered the best winter destination in Brazil.

What do you need to know

  • Our last trip was in 2018, during Natal Luz de Gramado . The event is one of the busiest on the city’s calendar.
  • For a few days there, everyone really comes to believe in the magic of Christmas , one of the slogans of the event.
  • Do not miss the show of the Lighting of Lights , which takes place at the Palace of Festivals. It is daily and free, but it is good to arrive early because it usually sells out.

Want to know the best part?

  • Outside the Christmas Luz season, the city is full of charming tourist spots such as  Mini Mundo , Gramado Zoo , Lago Negro and Agroturismo Tours.
  • In about 20 minutes it is possible to reach Canela , a neighboring city that disputes with Gramado the preference among the destinations in the Serra Gaúcha.
  • Another option is the Grape and Wine Route in Bento Gonçalves and Vale dos Vinhedos .

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  • Positives: the place is perfect for a romantic trip, but mainly gastronomic, due to the wide and good offer of delicious restaurants. There are many tourist attractions and people treat visitors with great care and kindness.
  • Negative points : although it is worth it for the excellent quality of services, the average expenditure requires a larger travel budget.

Travel tips

  • How to get there: access is easy, from Porto Alegre. It is just over 2 hours on the road. Public transport and vans leave directly from the airport.
  • Where to stay: The Hotel Wood Mountain House is one of the best options in the center of Gramado. Opened in 2018, the decor, facilities and services are exquisite. The values ​​of hotels and hostels in Gramado are above average, so if you want to save, a tip is to look for accommodation options through Airbnb .
  • Best Season:  October, November and August. The city can be visited throughout the year and has several events distributed throughout the calendar, such as Natal Luz (from October to January) or the Gramado Film Festival (in August).
  • As for Days: 4 days is the minimum time, but there is so much to do in Gramado and Canela that 7 days is the ideal duration for this trip.

Is Lawn an expensive destination?

  • How much it costs:  R $ 450.00 / day per person. In addition to the above average accommodation, the city also requires greater investment in food and tours.

Watch the video about Gramado and Natal Luz on our YouTube channel

Travel Itineraries – How to Combine Destinations in the Same Trip

  • Did you know that in the same trip it is possible to visit 1 or more destinations together?
  • Some itineraries allow you to combine some of the best national destinations.
  • It is a great travel alternative, especially for those who have 7 days of travel to explore our havens.

Watch our video on YouTube and find out which are the best travel itineraries in Brazil .

5 – Búzios and Lagos Region, RJ

10 Best Destinations in Brazil for 2019 - Travel Tips The beautiful and reserved Ferradurinha Beach is one of the best beaches in Búzios, in the Lakes Region of Rio de Janeiro

Since the first time I visited Arraial do Cabo, Búzios and Cabo Frio, I was in love with these three destinations. Even more for the ease of reaching, from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

Arraial do Cabo concentrates some of the best beaches in Brazil, such as Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia or Praia do Farol. The destination is one of the national places known as the Brazilian Caribbean , due to the beauty and transparency of its waters.

But you must be wondering …

Why do we highlight Búzios, if the best beaches are in Arraial do Cabo? We prefer to stay in Búzios, which is about 1 hour away from Arraial do Cabo and has better infrastructure of charming inns and nightlife.

What you need to know before you travel

  • In summer and on holidays, Arraial do Cabo suffers from an excess of tourists . In certain periods, the city with 30 thousand inhabitants can reach 500 thousand visitors.
  • The city’s infrastructure , during these periods, is precarious to meet demand.
  • For these and other reasons , although  Arraial do Cabo has the most beautiful beaches in the Lakes Region, our accommodation preference is in Búzios or Cabo Frio .
  • The best destinations combine not only natural beauty, but a good accommodation infrastructure, quality of services, good walks and excellent cuisine. And Búzios has it all.

And you want to know a truth?

  • Contrary to what everyone imagines, Buzios can be cheaper than Arraial do Cabo , precisely because the offer of lodging and restaurants is greater.

It is one of these sophisticated destinations and at the same time stripped down for being on the beach. A delight to stroll along Rua das Pedras or perhaps explore the B side and the wild beaches of Búzios . It is one of our most beloved destinations in Brazil.

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  • Positives:  In the Rua das Pedras and Orla Bardot region, the center is full of incredible restaurants, haute cuisine. Rua das Pedras is a great walkway to meet everyone who is staying in the city.
  • Negative Points: In terms of the beach, Búzios is losing to neighboring Arraial do Cabo. But those who think they can’t discover small paradises, such as Praia do Forno, Praia da Ferradurinha or Praia da Azedinha, are mistaken.

Look at this tip:

In 2019, we stayed in Cabo Frio and we also loved the experience. Our choice was Bairro da Passagem, a historic and very charming neighborhood, with great accommodation options and close to a gastronomic center. It is super worth knowing.

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A curiosity is that the number 1 destination of the TripAdvisor ranking in 2018 is Rio de Janeiro. We also love to visit the Marvelous City, but on this list we decided to privilege only destinations that are not the state capitals.

Because of this, Curitiba, Florianópolis and São Paulo were also left out, despite being places to travel that we also love. Florianópolis was considered the best city and the best beach destination in Brazil according to the Travel and Tourism award.

Travel tips

  • How to get there: Arraial do Cabo, Búzios and Cabo Frio are easily accessible by car or public transport, including those traveling from São Paulo.
  • Where to Stay:  For those looking for a romantic option, we recommend Pousada Pedra da Laguna , which is part of Roteiros de Charme. For those looking for a good cost-benefit ratio, Pousada Bucaneiro  is also a good alternative, with lower prices and ideal for those who want to be closer to the center.

This may sound crazy but …

  • Best Season:  The trick is to avoid summer. The months from December to February can be the rainiest and are certainly the most crowded. March, April, May, September and October are months of medium season, with less rain and more likely to catch hot days. March is one of the months when the region’s sea becomes more crystalline.
  • Regarding Days: You can do it on a weekend or long holiday of 4 days. Those who have more time, take the opportunity to make a tour in the Lakes Region, in this case we recommend choosing two bases in the region.
  • How much does it cost:  The average spending in Búzios is R $ 250.00 / day per person. In Arraial do Cabo, this average can rise to R $ 280.00 / day. The explanation is that, despite being a sophisticated destination, Búzios has a greater offer of accommodation than in Arraial do Cabo. In addition to lower prices, the Búzios cost-benefit ratio is better.

Note: To calculate the average costs, we do not consider transportation to the location. Accommodation, tours and meals are some of the expenses considered.

4 – Fernando de Noronha

10 Best Destinations in Brazil for 2019 - Travel Tips Baía do Sancho was once considered the best beach in the world: one of the reasons to visit Fernando de Noronha

What do you need to know

  • Is it isolated and far from reaching? For those who are not from Recife or Natal, it is necessary to take two flights to reach the archipelago.

After all, is it expensive to travel to Noronha?

  • There is no denying that the prices in Noronha are very high, both for lodging and for food, fuel and tours.
  • The traveler still needs to collect preservation and visitation fees.
  • The island is completely safe and the cars give way to transportation by buggy.
  • Due to the fact that it is an isolated island from the continent, the concept of a paradisiacal place gains its most perfect translation.

But how to resist Noronha’s natural charms? It is there that Baía do Sancho , already considered by the public of TripAdvisor as the most beautiful beach in the world (in 2018 it was in the second position). Fernando de Noronha ranked first in the survey of the 10 dream destinations in Brazil, carried out by the Skyscanner website.

In addition to the notorious natural beauties, everyone who travels to Noronha enters the relaxed atmosphere of the place.

Learn more:
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  • Positives: Visiting Fernando de Noronha is sure to know some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. And we are not talking about one or two, there are several unmissable beaches.
  • Negative Points:  The price remains the biggest obstacle and many people argue that it is cheaper to travel abroad than to Noronha. Compared to other national destinations, the price of a trip to Noronha really is above average.

Travel tips

  • Getting there:  The only way to get to Fernando de Noronha is by plane. The flights leave Natal and Recife, through Azul and Gol.
  • Where to Stay:  There are several neighborhoods that are close to the center of Noronha (refer to Praça Flamboyant or Empório São Miguel). You can choose more sophisticated hotels, inns and even homes for local families. A good tip is to look for accommodation on Airbnb .

Do you know what the swell is?

  • Best Season:  August, September and October are good months, outside the high season and with the sea more calm and with good visibility for diving. It is hot all year round, but April to July are the wettest months. In the summer the sea gets more agitated, due to the swell, which can hinder snorkeling activities.
  • As for Days: 4 full days is the minimum necessary, but it is so difficult to go to Fernando de Noronha that our recommendation is to stay there for 7 days.
  • How much it costs:  Average of R $ 600.00 / day per person. Check out our post with an average spending and travel budget in Noronha .

Note: Average expenses include accommodation, tours, meals, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.

Watch the video about Fernando de Noronha on our YouTube channel

3 – Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca

10 Best Destinations in Brazil for 2019 - Travel Tips Muro Alto Beach, with a huge natural pool, is the first stop on the buggy ride in Porto de Galinhas

For those who ask us for a travel tip in the Northeast, we always end up being a bit repetitive: Porto de Galinhas is the answer.

The destination is also one of the most popular among Brazilians: in terms of Google searches, Porto de Galinhas is one of the places to travel that is always at the top.

What do you need to know

  • Porto de Galinhas is in the municipality of Ipojuca , in Pernambuco.
  • It combines easy access, good infrastructure of hotels and restaurants , with paradisiacal beaches ( Muro Alto, Maracaípe  and the nearby Praia dos Carneiros are the highlights).
  • It is a great destination for families with children , due to the super calm sea on some of these beaches.

Write down this tip:

  • The big attraction are the famous natural pools of Porto de Galinhas . A raft ride to them is an unmissable program.
  • Be sure to hire a photographer (or the jangadeiro himself, many of them also take photos) and do a photo shoot with the fish. It’s super worth it and costs less than you think.

For these and other reasons, it was not for nothing that Porto de Galinhas jumped from the eighth position in 2015, to the Top 5 of the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice ranking in 2018. In the list of Skyscanner’s dream destinations , it was in the third position.

Complete Guide:
What to do in Porto de Galinhas – Travel Tips and Itinerary

  • Positives: The hospitality and gastronomy of Porto de Galinhas has grown a lot in recent years and provides visitors with a good combination of infrastructure and natural beauty. From luxury hotels to budget inns, there are options for every taste.
  • NEGATIVE POINTS: The excess of tourists is a little uncomfortable on the beaches (especially the center beach), so if you can avoid the high season. See also the tide table: the natural pools are only legal at low tide.

Travel tips

  • Getting there:  Porto de Galinhas is about 1 hour away from Recife. Driving is one of the best options, but there are several public and alternative transport options from the airport. For those who prefer a little more convenience, I recommend closing a transfer with  Sol e Mar Tour  via WhatsApp (81) 99922-7721. Don’t forget to mention that you are a reader of Viagens Cinematográficas.
  • Where to Stay: There are many options from simple inns to luxury hotels. For those looking to save money, the tip is to look for something in the center, such as Pousada Portomares . For those who want more luxury or leisure facilities, bet on the resorts of Praia do Cupe and Muro Alto, such as Hotel Vivá . Finally, for those looking for romance and a more relaxed atmosphere, it is worth betting on bed and breakfasts like Pousada Xalés de Maracaípe .
  • Best Season:  September, October and November are great months, already outside the rainy season and still without the high season movement.

The question that everybody wants to hear

  • Quanto Dias: 7 days is the ideal time to do all the roundtrip tours from Porto de Galinhas. But in 4 days you can already enjoy a lot.
  • How much it costs: R $ 300.00 / day per person. Some of the nearby places can be visited by car, which can represent savings for groups over 2 people. The village of Porto de Galinhas is very wide and has a great offer of restaurants, snack bars and pizzerias. Food expenses can vary widely according to your choices.

Watch the video about Porto de Galinhas on our YouTube channel

2 – Jericoacoara (Jijoca de Jericoacoara), Ceará

10 Best Destinations in Brazil for 2019 - Travel Tips With the opening of a local airport, Jericoacoara grows firm and strong as one of the best destinations in Brazil

From the first time I visited Jericoacoara, in 1997, until the last time in 2018, this paradisiacal place has already changed a lot .

Can you go by car?

Luckily, it is still part of the Jericoacoara National Park , which guarantees the famous sandy streets where cars cannot circulate (only buggy rides circulate).

Jeri (for those close to you or for those who have difficulty pronouncing the long name) was once considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world . In the TripAdvisor list, it has been rising in the ranking among places to travel. In 2015, he was in seventh position, in 2016 he jumped to the bronze medal and in 2018 he remains in the Top 10, in fourth position.

What you need to know before you go

  • The fame (and also the flow of visitors) increased after the Comandante Ariston Pessoa Regional Airport was opened  in Cruz, a city that is much closer to Jericoacoara.
  • Thus, the distance of 4 hours from Fortaleza decreased to just over 1 hour of travel. But tranquility is increasingly threatened.
  • The sunset dune , one of the most famous tourist spots in Jericoacoara, is always crowded.
  • To take a picture at Pedra Furada , you may have to face a 20 minute queue.
  • But how can you not love Jeri’s incredible landscapes and vibe? And everyone deserves a little relaxation in the Lagoa do Paraíso hammocks .

Everything you need to know about
Jericoacoara – Travel Tips and Itinerary

  • Positives: Within a national park, the region is still preserved and maintains rustic aspects, such as sandy streets and few buildings. For now, it is still guaranteed that anyone visiting Jeri will find a paradise destination.
  • Negative Points:  The difficulty of access is an obstacle. Jeri is surrounded by sand, so to arrive only with a garden or with 4 × 4 vehicles. Those who venture to go with passenger cars should leave them in parking lots at the entrance to the village.

Travel tips

  • Getting there:  For those coming from Fortaleza, the most comfortable option is to book a transfer from Jericoacoara. The Jeri Off Road is one of the companies operating this route. Flights to Jericoacoara Airport are still expensive, so it is still not a very affordable option.
  • Where to Stay:  Despite its sandy streets within the National Park, Jericoacoara has many accommodation options. See our post for tips on best hostels in Jericoacoara . Some of the best options are Hotel Hurricane Jeri and Pousada Baobá . We stayed at Pousada Carcará , but we found the price too high for what the inn offers.

Pay attention to this prank

  • Best Season:  The first semester is the rainiest season, this also includes the summer months (January and February). From May on, the rains begin to decrease. July, August and September are months after the rainy season, when the lagoons will be fuller. For those who like kitesurfing, the second semester is the peak of the sport season there.
  • Regarding Days: 4 days are enough to get to know the region. If you have more time, you can reconcile that trip with Lençóis Maranhenses, making the Route of Emotions. Or visit some other destinations on the west coast of Ceará, such as Icaraizinho de Amontoada or Flecheiras.
  • How much it costs: The average is R $ 350.00 / day per person. With the number of visitors increasing, the prices of inns have inflated a little, but it is still possible to find some findings. Tours cost an average of R $ 75.00 per person.

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1 – São Miguel dos Milagres and the North Coast of Alagoas

10 Best Destinations in Brazil for 2019 - Travel Tips São Miguel dos Milagres also has natural pools, calmer and cheaper than in Maragogi

Although Maceió is the capital of the state, from where it is possible to make several trips along the coast of Alagoas , our tip is to look for a more peaceful destination.

Maragogi is even more famous and one of the most popular places to travel in Alagoas. It is one of the destinations that appears on several lists of the best in Brazil and also nicknamed the Brazilian Caribbean.

What you need to know before you go

  • Maragogi or Maceió are not the best answers for a more peaceful and reserved destination . These cities are very touristy, with ample infrastructure and a large flow of tourists.
  • The north coast of Alagoas reserves some paradisiacal beaches, on the way between Maceió and Maragogi. The road is known as the Ecological Route .

Here is the cat jump

  • Japaratinga and São Miguel dos Milagres are two of the top destinations in this region. Japaratinga is next to Maragogi (about 20 minutes by car) and also has natural pools and beautiful beaches. The advantage is that some of them are deserted.
  • But if your idea of ​​a perfect trip is associated with even more privacy , São Miguel dos Milagres is the best option. Local tourism bet on charming inns and foot in the sand, ideal for couples. But don’t expect charm outside the inns.
  • São Miguel dos Milagres is the most rustic of the cities on the north coast of Alagoas and the villages are very simple. Even so, there is a good offer of restaurants such as No Quintal (book in advance), Buda Bistrô and Manzuá Gourmet.

Maragogi Attractions: Best Beaches

Things to do in São Miguel dos Milagres: Tips and Where to Stay

  • Positives: The beaches have calm and warm waters, the way everyone dreams. For this reason, the region is known as the Brazilian Caribbean.
  • Negative Points: It is important to visit the region at low tide. At high tide, much of the charm of the beaches and their natural pools is impaired.

Travel tips

  • Getting there: The best option is to rent a car, as there is no public transport option in some destinations in the region.

Do you want a guesthouse standing on the sand?

  • Where to Stay: There are several options of charming inns in São Miguel dos Milagres . We stayed at the Pousada Praia Bonita , which is a very economical option, but if you are looking for a guesthouse on the sand, we recommend the charming Pousada da Amendoeira . Take a look at Pousada do Alto , in Japaratinga. The infinity pool is unforgettable. But if you want a lot of stewardship, it is worth betting on Japaratinga Lounge Resort All Inclusive .
  • Best Season:  October, November, December and January are the best months. Summer is when the sea is clearer and there is less chance of rain. The months of April to August are usually the rainiest months there.
  • Quanto Dias: 7 days is the ideal time to explore the region. Choose one or two bases on the north coast, as in São Miguel dos Milagres, Japaratinga, Porto de Pedras or Maragogi.
  • How much it costs:  R $ 350.00 / day per person. The demand for the north coast of Alagoas has grown a lot, which can make accommodation more expensive. São Miguel dos Milagres is where you can find more expensive prices. Japaratinga and Maragogi have cheaper options (average spending of R $ 250.00 / day per person).