How to dress well: 6 basic fashion and style tips

Are you full of doubts when you have to choose an outfit to go out with? Not sure how to match the pieces in your wardrobe or are you afraid to risk a different combination? Dressing well doesn’t require a lot of rules, but there are a few tips that help you get on with fashion. Want to see?

how to dress well

Check out 6 tips for you to dress well

Know your body

The first thing is to be aware of your body, clearly know your strengths and what you want to disguise, to know what to value when dressing.

  • Short women should invest in well-adjusted clothes that emphasize their body lines.
  • Those who are overweight need to value the lap, mark the waist and use pieces of the correct size.
  • Anyone with a broad hip should bet on blouses and accessories that emphasize the upper body.
  • If you have broad shoulders, wear V-necks and avoid puffing sleeves.
  • Those with full breasts can bet on canoe necklines to enhance the shoulders and evasé skirts.
  • To disguise the tummy, use well-structured fabrics and abuse of pierced or envelope models.

Understand the occasion

Each type of event calls for a different type of clothing. Of course, there are pieces that can be used for work and leisure, but there are also pieces that do not fit well in certain environments.

If you have an event that differs from what you are used to, find out the dress code to find out which pieces you can get out of the wardrobe.

Still, don’t fall into sameness. Often a pair of pants that you only wear for work can look great with a tidier shirt to go out at night. Or that wild dress that you wear to the mall can go really well with a high heel and become a great option for going to the theater or dining out.

Women’s social clothing: see the pieces that cannot be missing in your wardrobe

fashion1 Tailoring pants with high heels are an excellent combination for a meeting

fashion2 Pantacourt is a wild piece: great for working or going out

fashion3 Short dress with flat shoes is a great option for an unpretentious walk

Define your style

No, you don’t have to have just one style for life. But it is worth defining the style you will want to use on that occasion.

If you are looking for something street, you already know that a destroyed jeans can be the first piece to choose and from there to assemble the rest of the look. If you want something romantic, a piece with lace is a good start. And so on …

fashion You can seek an elegant and comfortable style

fashion4 You can bet on casual fashion, but still full of style

fashion6 And you can even climb the hall and combine prints with a lot of personality

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Learn to combine colors

Colors can work in your favor when it comes to putting together the look. You only need to know the color palette and its possible combinations. See below how to create visuals with two or three different colors that match each other!


Print your personality

In fashion, personality is everything! It’s no use copying the look of a celebrity if it doesn’t have to do with you. Buying very serious and composed pieces if your style is more stripped down, for example, is throwing money away. In the end you won’t want to use them.

This does not mean that you cannot have some parts that escape your safe haven. It is worth testing and if you like it, you can gradually invest in other styles.




Feel good

The first rule to be beautiful is to feel beautiful. Fashion is increasingly inclusive and today there are brands and pieces for all body styles and personalities. Just find the one that suits you best.

Forget idealized bodies, magazine covers and love your body as it is. If you don’t like something, run for it or use fashion to your advantage to value other strengths.