9 summer trends that conquered the female wardrobe

Every change of season always comes with new trends, be it a piece of clothing, an incredible shoe or stylish accessories.

In the case of summer , there are plenty of light and fresh productions, a lot of dress , shorts and skirts of all lengths. The goal is always to create a stylish and very comfortable look to face the hottest days.

But trends for the hottest season of the year need not go with it. Many pieces continue to be used all year round and make up current and stylish looks.

With the help of the style consultant, Danyla Borobia, we have created some tips for you to use and abuse summer trends. Check out!

Shoulder to shoulder

The shoulder-to-shoulder neckline conquered the female wardrobe, after all, in addition to enhancing the silhouette, it leaves the look with a lighter and more delicate footprint.

“There is a wide range of fabrics and models, it is best to find one that pleases and enhances the body of each woman. The wider and bulky ones, with ruffles or bell-shaped sleeves, tend to make the upper body bigger, to balance the silhouette a good way out is to make up with tighter pants or skirts ”, explains Danyla.

Slipper slide

The slides are synonymous with comfort and practicality, everything we need on warmer days. The consultant explains that the slide slipper has a sporty and casual feel and can easily change the look of a look.

“Any look finished with this slipper model, regardless of style, will have a more fashionist and casual feel. For a more polished look, the cool thing is to think about the family of colors, the best is to opt for monochromatic looks and more neutral colors, composing with the same color as the slipper ”, concludes Danyla.

Skirt with buttons

This skirt model has a 70’s footprint and appears in various materials, jeans, leather, suede and varied lengths as well. “To escape the obvious, it is best to compose with t-shirts , tank tops with a strappy or lace bra, more sophisticated, cropped top , mule, sneakers or slide. This skirt model is pleasing and makes up versatile looks ”, explains Danyla.