20 ways to dress elegantly without spending too much

Being elegant is not just about how we dress. Much of what classifies a person as elegant comes from the way they behave in the world and deal with others (you can read about it here ). Despite this, there are some choices that can be made in relation to clothes that help to “elevate” the look a little, making it look more sophisticated.

It is also important to know that elegance in dressing (and acting!) Is not only given in formal or festive looks. Elegant choices can be made at all times, when you learn to respect and enjoy your own personal style, making fashion work for you and not against you.

According to Francini Galvão , image and style consultant, fashion is a reflection of the world in which we live. She explains that “culture, economics, political and social moments, everything impacts fashion”. Considering this, to be elegant, according to the consultant, “is to know your style, your biotype and your image. It means being genuine and translating what is ‘in fashion’ into the image you want to convey. In other words, an elegant woman is the one who is sure of herself. Skip trends that don’t make your style and wear what reflects your personality and image ”.

Gracia Alonso, stylist and proof model for Gracia Alonso Plus Size , brings an explanation in the same direction, when she says that “elegance is much more in the attitude than in the composition of the look. To be elegant is to value the shape of the body with the type of fashion you like. Some occasions call for a more formal dress code and others allow for something more casual and relaxing. Many people relate elegance to a certain style, but this is a mistake ”. The stylist adds that “to be elegant is to be confident with the body you have, with the clothes you wear and with your own style.”

Thus, elegance is not a formula that will work the same for everyone. Being elegant has much more to do with self-knowledge (of body and style) than with rules and types of clothing. This means that you don’t have to buy a lot of new clothes to be stylish. Instead, follow the tips listed below with the help of Francini Galvão and Gracia Alonso. They will help you to be more elegant, respecting your style and without spending too much!

1. Know your body shape (and be proud of it!)

The most beautiful thing that exists is diversity. Just imagine how boring it would be if everyone had the same height, the same body shape, the same type of nose. It is better to think that each one is unique, a special jewel, because it is different from all the others.

Start paying attention to these differences. There are people who are bigger in the upper part of the body, with very broad shoulders or a large bust. Other people have a wider bottom. Some have long, thin legs and some have short, thick legs. All these details are important when it comes to understanding the shape of the body itself.

Analyze: Is your torso longer or shorter than your legs? Do you have more volume at the bottom or at the top? We usually consider symmetry as a characteristic of beauty, so the effort here is to try to balance the measurements. If the legs are short, one tries to give the impression that they are longer, if they are too long, the idea is to shorten them. And so on.

This does not mean that you will fall into a pattern. You are just finding the harmony and balance that is already there, in your body shape, and using it to your advantage.

See the types of bodies below and try to identify yours. For this, you can take your measurements and see the difference between the values ​​or observe yourself in front of a mirror. For the most accurate result, choose a mirror where you can see yourself at least from your knees to your head.

Hourglass: the hourglass body presents the bust and hip with the same measure (or very close) and the slimmer waist. According to Gracia Alonso, choosing pieces that mark the waist well emphasizes the beauty of this body shape. Thus, a super necessary accessory for those who have an hourglass body are belts, which help to mark the waist in pieces that have a more square shape.

Rectangle: the rectangular body does not show much difference between the measurements of the shoulders, waist and hips. Thus, unlike the hourglass body, this body does not handle clothes that mark the waist or pierced dresses so well, since they show the fact that there is not so much difference in measurements. Unless a little volume is added above and below the waist, then mark it, creating the sensation of a slimmer waist.

In a simpler way, Gracia Alonso suggests that those who have this type of body opt for “tunics, necklines that show the neck and skirts and straight cut pants. Tailoring pieces make this type of body even more elegant ”.

Triangle or Pear: in this type of body, the hips are very wide and the shoulders are narrow. To create harmony, the tip is to add volume to the shoulders, balancing them with the width of the hips. To this end, Gracia Alonso suggests investing in “scarves, blouses with V and U necklines, necklaces, strong colors and prints on the top”.

Inverted triangle: as the name suggests, this body shape is the opposite of the previous one. Here, the shoulders are wider than the hips and thighs. And if in the previous format the idea was to draw attention to the top, here we will call attention to the bottom. To achieve this effect, Gracia Alonso suggests “maxi pants, a-line or a-line skirts and wider blouses, like tunics”.